How to Keep Your Feet in the Best Shape

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Healthy feet help you to not only stay active but also make you feel good about yourself. This is why you must do your best not to neglect your feet or subject them to what will cause unnecessary pain or other foot problems.

The good news is that keeping your feet healthy is easy once you know how. Make use of the following tips so that your feet will remain pain-free while you enjoy your day-to-day activities.

Occasionally Examine Your Feet for Problems

Always make sure that you perform feet self-examination at least once every week, especially when you take a shower or bath. When drying off, take your time to look at your feet closely for any signs of scaling on your soles or peeling areas. Scaling and peeling of the feet can be a telltale sign of athlete’s foot. 

You should also check to see if any of your toenails are discolored, which could be an indication of a nail fungus. People with diabetes should examine their feet every day because this ailment creates a higher risk of foot infections and sores.

Ensure Your Toenails Are Cut Properly at All Times

Always cut your toenails straight across and make sure you don’t trim them too close to your skin. The drastic rounding of the corners of your toenails can also bring about painful, ingrown toenails.

Engage in Flexible Exercises

Exercises can help to improve flexibility, thereby keeping your feet readily adaptable. Do not worry if your feet have grown somewhat stiff due to age. You can still enhance the flexibility of your feet no matter how old – or young – you are. 

The easiest way to build flexibility, therefore, is via gentle and slow daily stretches. Make sure you focus on one group of muscles at one time. You should not do any foot exercises if they cause you untold pain.

Use Footwear That Fit Properly

Shoes, sandals or any footwear that fit too tightly can lead to long-term foot problems. Podiatrists recommend that you shop for shoes at the end of the day. This is to compensate for foot swelling, which usually occurs much later in the day. You should also make sure to bring along or wear the same hosiery or socks you will be wearing with the footwear.

Go for well-rounded shoes with lots of room for your toes. You can get the Silipos Gel Toe Crest – a product made with medical-grade silicone – which will help to absorb vibration/shock while providing uniform pressure distribution.

You should also consider getting the Silipos Gel Toe Separators which are anatomically molded to fit well between toes. It helps to reduce inter-digital pressure as well as shearing.

Make sure the heels of the shoes are wide and stable. Avoid pointy shoes at all costs since they will end up cramping your toes and causing calluses and ingrown toenails.

Know When to See a Podiatric Physician

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, do not attempt to self-treat it as you can inadvertently worsen the situation. A certified Podiatric Physician should check any persistent swelling, pain, discoloration or redness.

In most cases, the foot problem can be readily cleared up with an in-office procedure or prescription medicine. Allow a health specialist to take a look at the problem will prevent such minor issues from becoming major ones.

By following these quick tips, your feet will remain pain-free and healthy at all times.

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